Rear View Ruggers

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VERY IMPORTANT: You will be redirected to the ShinyShortzRyan website to make your purchase to follow strict Brexit laws and regulations. Your information is SAFE and SECURE on his website! Reminder that your order is custom made and ships from the UK designer directly so shipping and delivery times can vary but is usually between 2-3 weeks.

These shorts have been designed exclusively in collaboration by our UK designer.

The cut is that used for classic footy shorts, with the added unique selling point that different fabrics are used for the front and the rear. The front uses your own colour choice of glossy PU-coated ultra-thin nylon taffeta, which weighs less than 1oz per square metre and feels luxuriously slick and glossy to the touch. The reverse, meanwhile, is made using lightweight translucent white ripstop nylon, which weighs about 2oz per square metre and leaves little to the imagination: wear them wherever you dare!!!

The shorts are finished with single wide stripe in nylon acetate satin in the colour of your choice. Add a v-split in the leg if you wish to give you extra room to manoeuvre. You can also add a draw cord to the waistband if you wish.

All sizes available ranging from XS to 3XL.

Please note: You receive a brand new unworn pair, made to order - the shorts worn in the pictures are not sent.

 NEW BUYERS: We strongly recommend that you order just one pair to start with. That way, you can be sure that the size and cut of the design will work for you.