Espressivo Men's Leather Jockstrap - Open Jockstrap Briefs

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Made of thick, shiny and soft PU leather, these tight-fitting Open Back Jock Strap Briefs can be your trusted companion in many BDSM experiences!

Are you dreaming for it already? Now imagine your pulsating of lust dick in these Men’s Leather Jockstrap while somebody works you from behind! You want to try everything, don’t you?

To be the feeling of wearing of these Open Back Jockstrap Briefs even more intense we lined their front with additional peace of leather, like our other men's leather underwear models.

Vulnerable at the back, sturdy and well secured on the front! With these BDSM Spanking briefs you will finally understand what it means somebody to “slap you from behind”.

Gender revolution? Oh, come – on! Be a good boy and enjoy the moment!