Espressivo Men's Leather Briefs with Double Zipper

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These extremely challenging BLACK LEATHER BRIEFS with double zipper in the groin are for everybody who like to provoke! Aggressive BLACK and SHINY, they are designed for these who have no sex taboos. 

Made of soft, elastic PU Faux Eco Leather, well known from our fetish hoods these briefs adhere to the skin in the groin and form an irresistible way. Zipper passing through the full flank picks up two opposite sliders and provides a quick and relatively unimpeded access to all important and exciting places – the penis, testicles, perineum, which is so sensitive and of course – the anus.

And because we are known for the attention to every detail, we have taken care to cover the whole zip traversing the slip with soft and smooth leather strip that keeps all these sensitive areas from unpleasant contact with the zipper.

Beside of this amenities this model of Male Leather Briefs with double zipper possess all the advantages that you can find in our classic model and which characterize the entire series. They have 3 cm wide elastic on the waist (hidden under a layer of elastic leather), which allows an even distribution of pressure on the body and ensures comfort for whole day wearing. The front of the shorts (rim) is lined with leather for full leather feeling.