Espressivo Men's Fetish Leather Briefs with Front Zip

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This model smooth & shiny leather briefs is a variation of our classic model male leather briefs. Made of soft, elastic PU eco leather, which you know from our fetish hoods, these briefs fit snugly on your body shape and groin on both aggressive and attractive way. Zipper, placed in front of (rim) provides quick access to the genitals and further underlines their sexual transmission Irresistible black and shiny, these men’s leather briefs are designed for special occasions – when you want to surprise your partner with a provocative gift or to dress yourself and become a dream surprise to anyone.

Besides the strong fetish erotic charge that these male leather briefs have they are amazingly comfortable. They have 3 cm wide elastic on the waist (hidden under a layer of elastic leather) which allows an even distribution of pressure on the body and ensures comfort for whole day wearing. The front of the shorts (rim) is lined with leather for full leather feel.

If you’ve ever worn leather men’s briefs with zip, then you already know how unpleasant is the feeling of zipper constantly rubbing in your penis. With this model leather briefs with front zip, you can forget about all these unpleasant sensations and to enjoy fully on what you are really looking for – the feeling of soft, shiny and smooth leather, fitting tightly to your body. When you decide finally to use the zipper, just pull it and the soft and sleek leather will let gently your penis out.